Friday, January 5, 2018

Support our Exhibitors!


TETA Exhibits are back and better than ever! We hope that you have registered and have made plans to join us this year. We are thrilled to present some awesome Exhibits this year. We are welcoming back veteran vendors, as well as new vendors! We expect TheatreFest Exhibits to be bigger and better than ever before!

Exhibitors make up a large part of TheatreFest. The TheatreFest Exhibits are a great chance for you to visit unique vendors from all over the country. These vendors represent businesses and colleges that can benefit you, your program, and your students! The businesses offer products that can help enhance your theatre program or teaching! Colleges and Universities present give you or your students an opportunity to talk one on one with representatives from that college or university! (How awesome!)

Most of our traditional vendors are returning.  They are the life of the organization, offering the latest and greatest in the Theatre industry.  Some of the new vendors joining them this year will be:

Snap! Raise
LuXout Stage Curtains
Texas Commission on the Arts
Southern Oregon University
The Acting Studio
Broadway Media Distribution
DRLane Designs

We are excited for the returning and new vendors.  Let’s show them how important they are by visiting them at their booths!  To increase exposure for the Exhibitors, TETA is planning the following:

This year, our vendors will once again participate in Passport. Passport is a fun chance for you to visit vendors in the exhibit area. Simply obtain a signature from the vendor, and if you obtain all signatures needed, you are in the drawing to win a prize!!

The TETA Board of Directors has once again funded “Breakfast with the Exhibitors!” An all Convention Breakfast for Adult Members.  A chance for adult Teachers and Educators to grab breakfast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 am, and meet with the Exhibitors!  Come down early, we will serve until the food is gone!

TheatreFest at Moody Gardens will allow the exhibits to be located in a spacious and beautiful convention hall. Within the hall will be Exhibits, DesignFest, Techland Café and two dance/combat workshop spaces. DesignFest will be divided into four sections:
  1. DesignFest Competition – Students and educators showcase their technical expertise.
  2. Technical Auditions – This year, the Technical Auditions will be mounted in the Exhibit Hall for ALL TheatreFest participants to enjoy and appreciate!
  3. State UIL 2015-16 Theatrical Design Winners – We are inviting those winning students to showcase their art.  Previously only on display at the State OAP Contest, now will be available to all at TheatreFest.
  4. Professional and Community Theatres – We will be inviting local professional and community theatres to showcase their designs, as well.

By having all of these great events in one central location, we encourage you to stop by and support all of our wonderful vendors and exhibits!

We hope you have a wonderful convention experience this year and we hope to see you in the Exhibit Hall! Feel free to stop by and say hi! Should you have any questions regarding exhibits, please contact
Mr. Jay Thomas,


Jay Thomas and Alicia Green
2018 TheatreFest Co-Exhibit Chairs

How to register for TheatreFest: 
Early registration is due on Jan. 9th.  Please follow these steps:
            Step #1. Register for TETA membership.  Go to this link and register for TETA Membership
(the cost will be $20 for students and $50 for adults) -
            Step #2. Register for the TheatreFest Convention -  
            Step #3. You will receive two separate emails for invoices.  One for TETA Membership, and
another for Convention Registration.  Use this if you did not pay each with a credit card while registering above.

For More Information: 
·         About TETA -
·         About TheatreFest Convention -
o   Convention Director of Programming and Special Events – Mr. Greg Arp,
o   Convention Director of Operations – Dr. Jerry Ivins,
o   Exhibit Chair – Mr. Jay Thomas,
·         About Sponsorships for TheatreFest 2017 -  
·         About Auditions and Auditing Auditions –
o   Nina Saunders -
·         About DesignFest –  
o   Mr. John Ogden -
·         About PlayFest –  
o   Ms. Karen King -
·         About FilmFest –
o   Mr. JP Gregoriew -
Mr. Chris Caddel -

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