Sunday, July 20, 2014

SummerFest Packing List

Are you attending SummerFest 2014?  Need an idea of what to bring with you?  Over the years we have compiled a SummerFest Packing List and I have included it in this article below.

SummerFest Packing List

· Comfortable clothes (some classes involve movement) (Be casual and come ready to learn in a relaxed environment!)
· Flip-flops are fine for most sessions, but you may want to bring a pair of closed-toe shoes too (often the scene shop requires this or you may want them for the movement classes)
· Toiletries
· Laptop and/or tablet/iPad (There will be wifi for all attendees this time!)
· Jump drive (to save shared lessons, etc.)
· Business cards (to share with new contacts) (There will be a holder for these in your binder this year!)
· Swimsuit (in case of an inviting hotel pool)
· Extra/Unwanted scripts (to share in Script Swap or to donate to the door prize room)
· Titles of plays you are planning for this year and ideas/questions
· Any needed supplies for sessions you are interested in attending (Check out Guidebook for the schedule)
· Costume for Rocky Horror Picture Show (if you plan to attend and want to dress up)
· Favorite Show Shirt – Traditionally we ask everyone to wear a favorite show shirt on Sunday. This is a great opportunity to share your artistic shirts and for all of us to get show ideas.

· Additionally, if you are staying in the dorms, the following information is for you!!

· Bring:
o Sheets
o Mattress pad ?
o Blankets and pillows
o Towels
o Small trash can (they have liners)
o Extra toilet paper
o Hand soap
o Small bath mat (optional)

· There's a community fridge in the dorm common area- label what's yours
· Microwave in dorm common area
· Smoking is allowed outside at least 20 ft away from doors
· There will be a Keurig machine for coffee in the dorm lobby so BYOKC (Keurig Cups)
· We'll also have creamer/sugar and cups
· Also in the dorm lobby: pool table, comfortable chairs, couches
· and a large screen TV/DVD player
· Dorm check-in is Friday between 1pm and 6pm

Gena Lea Smith
Secretary, TETA K-12 Committee

Monday, July 14, 2014

Surviving the Post Traumatic OAP Disorder

For some of us our OAP season was “short lived” so to speak, even though in our minds it was a state show, and if only the adjudicator would have seen it through our eyes. At contest, when the contest manager calls out all of the awards including the two advancing shows and then you kind of hold your breath and pray that your school will be next, but then your exhale and find that your not an advancing show. We then load ourselves onto our busses and head home, empty handed, no advancing play plaque, and 15+ heart broken children. You typically say an uplifting speech, send them home, and then “it” begins. My professional colleagues and I call “it” --Post Traumatic One Act Play Disorder.

I am no doctor, but listed are the typical warning signs of this disorder:
  1. PTOAPD usually begins with a director finding the nearest corner and crying--away from our children. (Side Note: Its kind of funny thinking of a 30 year old man crying in a corner listening to Celine Dion belt “All By Myself.”) 
  2. After this happens you may find yourself eating obsessively, especially foods high in fat, contain ridiculous amounts of sugar, and foods that may put a person in diabetic coma in the near future. 
  3. You become reclusive. 
  4. Your friends will send you text messages about why you are not responding to text messages. 
  5. On a typical day your mother calls you five times, but during PTOAPD she doesn’t even call once. 
  6. You find yourself sitting by yourself wanting to blame somebody. 
  7. You are bitter. 
  8. You question your career choices. 
  9. You feel like you have hit rock bottom. 

These typical warning signs will go away in 3 days to 5 years. (Why 5 years? I’m still bitter about a contest 5 years ago.)

Prognosis: I feel the best way I get over something is to start something new. I start planning for next year. I realize that the schools with advancing plays are dear friends of mine and that I must be happy for them because I know they would do the same for me. Going to the UIL OAP state meet helps. As soon as the Regional OAP competitors are posted on the UIL website, I order and read the shows off the list. Bonding time with your companies is strongly encouraged, because they are hurting and want answers. I sign up for SummerFest — it sparks new growth. I know that it gets better with time and love from your friends, family, and school. Know that those kids think that you have hung the moon, trophy or not. Please know that they are willing to do it all over again, because they love you, love the process, and love the art of Theatre.

Cody Moore
TETA K-12 Committee
HS Interest Chair

Treasurer’s Report

TETA is still in the process of seeking to obtain the complete financial books and records of TETA for 2013 and prior years. All the records were in the possession of Mr. Gene Dickey, the former Treasurer of TETA.

 TETA filed a civil suit to obtain the books and records but it was delayed because Mr. Dickey filed bankruptcy. However, an order was recently obtained lifting the stay so a writ could be issued by the civil court commanding Mr. Dickey to turn over TETA records in his possession. In response, TETA recently received a portable flash drive containing some documents that are now under review. At this point we do not know how complete the records are that we were provided. We are also still seeking to obtain records from other third parties to analyze the finances of TETA. So far, the reports that have been obtained are very incomplete. 

At the required meeting with the creditors in the bankruptcy case, Mr. Dickey asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege in response to most of the questions seeking information about finances and financial records. At this point it is still an ongoing and very difficult process, and TETA still does not have anything close to complete historical financial records.

We have hired a CPA to work on a late tax filing penalty accessed by the IRS for late filing of 2012 Form 990. Mr. Dickey apparently was working on getting an abatement of the penalty, but as of April 9, 2014, penalties are continuing to accrue. We are working on this.

TETA has also contracted with a Bookkeeper, who is helping reconstruct the books as best as can be done for the 2013 Form 990 filing, as well as helping me construct the proper format for keeping the 2014 books.

We will get through this, folks! And we will survive, and come out stronger in the long run.

I will soon be providing each member of the board a monthly copy of TETA’s bank statement which will allow each board member to personally examine income and expenses.

Next is an accounting of TheatreFest 2014's income and expenses. It includes membership dues, convention registration, and some donations. It does NOT include membership and dues deposited prior to January 24th since the deposit log has not been made available to TETA as of today.


Credit Card deposits from onsite registration and dues payments: $46,031.90
Cash deposits, onsite registration and dues $21,515.00
Checks onsite, or forwarded from Austin PO Box after TF14 $124,027.59
Ads, Sponsorships collected prior to 01/24/14; paperwork presented to new convention directors the week prior to TF14 $4,600.00

Total In $196,174.49

Expenses include onsite materials/supplies, Square fees, Presenter Honorariums, Awards, 2013 scholarship 2nd payments, some refunds, Guidebook, engraving, and reimbursement for convention invoices Jennifer Nichols had personally paid, submitted to Mr. Dickey for reimbursement prior to February, 2014, and when asked gave me a copy of the invoices, or had already given to new convention directors the week prior to TF14. Expenses do NOT include anything paid prior to January 24th. No invoices available for verification of checks written or credit card payments from previous bank, Southside Bank in Tyler, Texas.


Onsite expenses for materials, supplies, Credit Card fees $3,657.62
Honorariums to presenters, Paper winners, 2013 scholarship 2nd payments, refunds, Guidebook $46,019.74
Engraving $449.00
Reimbursement to Jennifer Nichols, convention expenses $2,514.49

Total Out $52,640.85

Net $143,533.64

And now a new subject:
I encourage all members who register for SummerFest 2014 and choose to pay registration with a check from your school district, PLEASE remember to request that the school district include your REGISTRATION FORM, or INVOICE along with the check. 

TETA’s new address:
650 W. Bough Ln., Suite 150-199
Houston, TX. 77024

Also, please remember that if you have not paid your dues, you must do so in order to attend SF14.

I hope you will take advantage of the wonderful learning opportunities there will be at SF14. I hope you will leave with inspiration and eagerness to return to your classroom with new ideas you can’t wait to share with your students. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to share, inspire, and bond with other K-12 teachers and directors by attending the K-12 Summer Workshop.

On another note, I again want to thank the membership for electing me as TETA’s Treasurer/CFO. I am finding the job challenging and very interesting. Keeps my brain working overtime!!!

I look forward to exciting days ahead, working with you, and with this very energized Board of Directors.

Rachel Mattox
TETA Board of Directors

SummerFest 2014 Last Minute Reminders!

Sara Schochler
TETA Board of Directors
VP K-12 Committee
We’re READY to Catch FIRE!  SummerFest 2014 Catching Fire: Discover and Ignite Your Spark! is right around the corner folks! The K-12 Committee has been working very hard and it’s going to be great! Here are a few last reminders:

* Registration opens at Friday, July 25th at 8:00AM at the Amy Graves Ryan Fine Arts Center
* Method of payment for onsite registrants: credit card, school check or cash.
     - $120 SummerFest Registration
     - $50 TETA membership (if you did not attend convention in January)
* BYOT = Bring Your Own Technology
* Review Programming- A few presenters have requested you provide some of your own supplies.
* McMurry dorm check-in is Friday from 1-6PM. There are several rooms still available!
     - Email for details
* Nominations will be accepted for the following positions on the K-12 Committee:
     - VP-Elect, High School At-Large, Middle School At Large and Elementary Interest Chair
     - Deadline for nominating K-8 and Secondary Educator of the Year has been extended until August 1.
     - Email for details and instructions.
* Be sure to attend your Interest Meetings on Saturday
* Join us Sunday for lunch! Workshops continue Sunday morning then we’re serving a full West Texas Barbeque Buffet and there are LOTS of amazing DOOR PRIZES (lunch is included in registration cost)
     - Guest Speaker on Sunday is TETA President/CEO Dr. Marion Castleberry!

Hope to see you all in Abilene!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Your K-12 Committee: We Serve You! - Jenae Glanton

This is my second Texas Theater Notes article since TheatreFest 2014. My excitement continues to build about the future of TETA.

Recently, I was asked to fill the second half of Erin Moore’s term as K-12 Vice-President Elect. I didn’t give this request a second thought. I am delighted to serve an organization that has given my classroom, my student’s, and me so much over the years.

As I sit and reflect, I am reminded of all of the sharing and collaboration, all of the creative energy and all of the friends that I have made. As a new teacher, TETA provided me with fabulous professional development opportunities that have allowed me to be the best educator I can be.

Serving the K-12 committee is extremely important to me. I am excited to see the new path our organization is taking, one that will bring TETA to new heights. Our goal is to serve our members and to share everything with the people who make this organization great: the Theater Educators of this great State! You make this organization great!

Sara Schochler is teaching me everything that I need to know about the role of the K-12 VP and I have to say, I have the best teacher! She is diligently working to create the best programming for SummerFest 2014 possible. We have some exciting workshops planned, some amazing guests and lots of hands-on presentations to share with you!

Do you want your voice heard? One of the first steps that you can take is to attend SummerFest 2014 in Abilene this summer! Meet the committee members and volunteer your time! Share your concerns and ideas with the K-12 committee. Consider volunteering for a committee or presenting a workshop. We have so much talent in this State! Share your strengths with others. Volunteering and sharing your voice will strengthen our organization and our Theater programs.

Texas is filled with some amazingly, creative people in Theater education and I am happy to say that I worked with many of them at TETA!

This is such a great time for TETA and we need you to be active in our organization!

We wish you a relaxing summer filled with fun, family and friends! We hope to see you at SummerFest 2014 to IGNITE YOUR SPARK!

Jenae Glanton
TETA K-12 Committee