Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TheatreFest Hotel Reservation Information

Hello TETA Members!

The holidays are coming up very soon, which means TheatreFest is right around the corner!

As of today, half of our room block at the Hyatt Regency Dallas has been booked. I would like to encourage those of you able to attend this year’s convention to use the link below to book your room. If you reserve a basic double queen room today through the basic Hyatt Website, it will run about $209 per night. However, if you go to, your rate will be $185 per night for the same room!

The deadline to receive the TETA discounted rate is December 28th. That seems a long way away, but Thanksgiving, Finals, Christmas and the break is included during this time. Not to mention selling out!! After Dec. 28th, you will still be able to reserve a room, but Hyatt has the right, per our contract, to raise the rate to over $245 rather than charge our contractual rate of $185.

If you book through, your credit card will not be charged until the actual convention and you can bring your tax exemption form with you to check in!

Please keep in mind, after Dec. 28th, our contract with the Hyatt does not allow cancelations or changes to the reservation that will result in fewer room nights. After this date, if you need to make a change, please email me at I will keep a list of available rooms to switch out with our members.

Very Important: If you need to cancel your reservation, I will try to match you up with another member who was not able to reserve at the block rate and transfer your reservation. After December 28th, please be sure to contact me directly rather than going through the Hyatt. If you cancel your room through Hyatt, they reserve the right to charge you for the first night, and we will lose the room for our block.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Jessica McCarroll
TheatreFest Hotel Liaison
San Jacinto College Central Department of Theatre Administrative Assistant

Helpful links:
To reserve rooms,

To make changes to your reservation after December 28th, email

To update your TETA Membership and Register for TheatreFest,

TETA TheatreFest 2016 Audition Deadline Approaches

Many thanks to the outgoing audition coordinator Dusty Davidson for his dedication and hard work organizing the TheatreFest audition opportunities for Texas students. Thank you all for your support as I transition into this position.

TheatreFest 2016 finds us back in Dallas. We are excited about the upcoming TheatreFest and excited to see all the student audition applications being submitted. Remind your students that the deadline to apply is December the 1st 2015. We continue to use the website to process all the applications. Information regarding the TheatreFest auditions can be found both on the getacceptd website and the TETA website under the TheatreFest Auditions section. However, I wanted to take the time to answer a few frequently asked questions.

What is my $50 audition fee used for?

For every application $15 dollars goes to the GetAcceptd team for the phenomenal job they do in organizing and maintaining the applications. They provide a clear way to fill out an application and distribute the applications to all of the Colleges and Universities who will be auditing your performances. The remaining $35 helps fray the costs of facilitating a smooth audition process; including providing coffee/breakfast, having a piano and accompanist, etc.

What happens after application deadline?

The audition coordinator will begin organizing audition times. Applicants will be organized by application submission date with students from Institutional Member schools receiving priority. In early January the student will receive an email including their audition number.

Who do I contact for questions regarding auditions?

The Audition coordinator is:
Jacob Davis

What is the call back process?

Call-Backs for Acting and Technical Theatre Students: Following the completion of the acting auditions on Saturday, an interview call-back session will be held for both actors and technicians. During this period, only candidates who are called back may talk directly to representatives of colleges and universities. Called-back individuals may bring a supply of resumes and headshots to the call-back session. Parents and Directors are NOT allowed in the Callback room.

Ten Tips to Consider for TETA 2016 Auditions (Thanks Jackie DeMontmollin for these):
  1. Be sure your kids have current updated SAT or ACT scores on their application. Scores are required to be submitted on GetAcceptd. Please let your kids know that information is important! Many Universities cannot seriously consider your students without this information. 
  2. Make sure your students select audition pieces that are appropriate to their age and emotional range. 
  3. Make sure your kids read the entire script so that they understand the context of the monologue. 
  4. Time your kids. They must cut their pieces to under two minutes from the first moment to the closing moment of their monologues. They will be stopped by the timekeeper at two minutes. For technicians have them prepare a five minute presentation of their work. Have the technicians showcase their process and be prepared to answer questions. Auditors want to see how they ‘think’. 
  5. The introduction for actors should consist of their name and the titles of the plays their monologues are from. Both actors and technicians will be given a number prior to the audition. They should say this number when they introduce themselves. (Note: Students should know the authors of their plays but will not be required to state the author’s name in the introduction for TETA 2016). It is important to rehearse the introduction, as it is part of the audition. 
  6. It is best to select monologues from published play scripts. 
  7. Avoid overly offensive, sexual or profane content. Avoid dialect pieces for this type of audition.
  8. Wear footwear that assists, not hinders the audition (heels that are too high are distracting and awkward). 
  9. Business/Business casual attire is appreciated. Be sure the student is comfortable in the clothing as well. Remind your kids that an audition is like an interview and it benefits them to dress accordingly! 
  10. Prepare your kids, both actors and technicians, for what questions to ask at callbacks. Remember, your kids are auditioning us too and they need to know what to ask so they can get the information they need to make informed choices! 

I hope this information helps and if you have any questions as the year progresses please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Jacob Davis
TETA TheatreFest Auditions Coordinator
Tyler Junior College Theatre Professor

Friday, November 13, 2015

TheatreFest 2016 Registration Information

There is still time to register for TheatreFest 2016 before the early registration deadline ends on December 15th!

To register for TheatreFest 2016 all adults AND students must be members of TETA

Registration is easy, just follow the steps below.

If you already have a membership account, skip to STEP 2.

STEP 1 - To create your membership account, visit and click on the "Become a TETA Member" button, or follow this link:  This will take you to our membership pages where you can create your account.  When you submit the online form for membership, you will be sent an invoice that you can pay online or print and send in along with your payment.  You do NOT need to pay your membership before you register for TheatreFest but you MUST pay before you will be allowed to attend TheatreFest.

STEP 2Log in to the TETA membership site ( using your individual TETA account information. Your username is the email address you used when you set up the account.
(Some TETA members may also be in charge of their school's IM account; make sure you are logged in with your individual account before attempting to register for TheatreFest 2016.  If you accidentally log in with your IM account, you will not see the correct registration options.)

STEP 3Once you are logged in to the TETA membership pages, every TheatreFest 2016 attendee (adults AND students) must fill out and submit an online registration form.  ( Be sure to read the registration form carefully and verify the information before submitting. There is no group option.  Everyone must register as an individual.

STEP 4When you complete the registration form you will have the opportunity to pay online via credit card. If you prefer, you can print the invoice and mail it, along with your payment, to:

650 W. Bough Ln.
Suite 150-199
Houston, Texas 77024

Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment.  Be sure you have no outstanding balance when you log in to the TETA membership pages.  Members with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to attend TheatreFest 2016.  If you are unable to make payment by December 15th, your registration will incur a late fee of $50.  You may include multiple invoices on one check but be sure to indicate which invoices are being paid by including a copy of each invoice along with the payment.

To avoid the late fee your payment must be received or postmarked by December 15, 2015.

You may use a purchase order if your school requires it, but your actual payment must be received by Dec. 15th to avoid the late fee.  A purchase order in hand by Dec. 15th will not waive the late fee.

If you need to pay when you arrive, TETA does not accept personal checks when paying on-site.  Be sure to have another form of payment.  TETA does accept school checks, credit cards and cash on-site.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to email TETA at:

See you in Dallas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Institutional Member Schools Deadline: 11/15/2015

A few days is all that remains to pay your Institutional Membership yearly dues of $200; after this Thursday, the late penalty fee is added and the dues become $300. Two rounds of invoices have been sent; I personally have tried to contact either by telephone or email all schools from last year that are still unpaid. IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN IF YOU ARE PAID, please contact Darve Smith (communications chair), Rachel Mattox (treasurer) or myself, Jeanne Gilson, (CAPS chair, IM). We all know that requesting a check from a business office can delay processing but we are approaching “that moment” when you need to meet the requirements. IM schools needing booths must get that request in so they receive the lower rate. And, as a perk reminder, all IM schools who are preregistered and prepaid WILL have a separate line for registration that will cut down on wait time.

TheatreFest 2016 is shaping up to be so promising with increased activities for the college/university group. I’ve been hearing lots of feedback about the need for more for our highest level of educators and it’s looking good for them. High School IM representatives have been developing workshops and preparing students for auditions.

Your IM committee is studying proposals that come from YOU, our IM schools, for ways to improve quality and quantity of advantages of being an Institutional Member. We hope each of your schools sends a representative to the breakfast (it is included as a benefit of being the school’s representative) and all attend the IM business meeting. There will be opportunities to join subcommittees and propose NEW methodology for gathering and sharing the trends of our ever-changing art. Our pre-convention meeting will be Thursday, January 28 @ 3pm if you want to volunteer in any way. If you have a proposal that you’d like to present, bring handouts and come to the planning meeting. We welcome your input and desire to re-energize our IM group.

See you in Dallas!

Jeanne Gilson
TETA CAPS Committee Chair

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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